Knitted Vest

Knitted Vest

Amy Polcyn's design, Diamonds Are Forever, includes clever i-cords that form the front and side closures. Knit in chunky heathered yarn, this piece works up quickly!


• One size fits most.


• Approximately 28" wide by 28" long


• 7, 100 g (109 yd) balls Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Chunky Heathers (100% acrylic) color # DN750-01 Smoke Heather

• Size 11 US (8 mm) 24" circular needle OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

• 2, Size 11 US (8 mm) double-pointed ndls (for i-Cord)

• Cable needle, stitch markers (optional), yarn needle


• 12 sts x 16 rows = 4" in St st

• 28 st Cable panel meas approx 7" wide



• Vest is worked in one piece, from lower Back to shoulders, then split for Fronts.

• Side and Front Trim/Collar are worked on sts picked up along edges.

• Edge sts should be worked in St st.


T3B (3-st Right-Slant Twist) Sl 1 st to cn, hold to back, K2, P1 from cn.

T3F (3-st Left-Slant Twist) Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to front, P1, K2 from cn.

C4B (4-st Right-Slant Cable) Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to back, K2, K2 from cn.

C4F (4-st Left-Slant Cable) Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to front, K2, K2 from cn.

2X2 RIB (multiple of 4 sts + 2)

Row 1 (RS): K2, *P2, K2; rep from * across.

Row 2: Knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as they face you.

Rep Row 2 for 2x2 Rib.

CABLE PANEL (panel of 28 sts)

Also see Chart.

Set-Up Row (WS): K2, [P2, K4, P2] 3 times, K2.

Row 1 (RS): P2, [T3F, P2, T3B] 3 times, P2.

Row 2 and all WSRs: Knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as they face you.

Row 3 and 11: P2, [P1, T3F, T3B, P1] 3 times, P2.

Rows 5 and 13: P2, [P2, C4B, P2] 3 times, P2.

Row 7 and 15: P2, [P1, T3B, T3F, P1] 3 times, P2.

Row 9: P3, *K2, P2; rep from * across to last st, end P1.

Row 17: P2, [T3B, P2, T3F] 3 times, P2.

Row 19: P1, T3B, [P4, C4F] twice, P4, T3B, P1.

Row 21: T3B, P2, [P2, T3B, T3F] twice, P4, T3F.

Row 23: K2, P5, [K2, P2] 4 times, P3, K2.

Row 25: T3F, P2, [P2, T3F, T3B] twice, P4, T3B.

Row 27: P1, T3F, [P4, C4F] twice, P4, T3B, P1.

Row 28: Rep Row 2.

Rep Rows 1-28 for Cable panel.


Starting at the hem edge of the Back, CO 86 sts.


Next row (RS): Beg 2x2 Rib; work even for 3", and inc 2 sts on last (RS) row [88 sts].

Establish Cable Pattern

Next row (WS): P2 (edge sts), work Set-Up Row of 28-st Cable panel 3 times across center 84 sts, P2 (edge sts). Cont as est, working 2 edge sts ea side in St st, and rep Rows 1-28 of Cable panel on center sts until piece meas 28" from CO, end after WSR.

Divide Back/Fronts

Next row (RS): Work 30 sts in patt (2 edge sts + 28-st Cable panel); join a second ball of yarn and BO center 28 sts (Back neck); work in patt to end. Work 21 rows even, end after WSR.

Shape Front Neck

Next row (RS): Beg this row, at ea center Front edge, inc 1 st every 20 rows twice, working inc'd sts in St st (edge sts) [32 sts ea Front], Work even until piece meas 25" from Back neck BO, and dec 2 sts evenly across last (WS) row [30 sts rem].

Lower Edging

Next row (RS): Beg 2x2 Rib, work even until edging meas 3". BO all sts loosely in rib.


Block piece lightly if desired, being careful not to flatten texture.

Side Edging

With RS facing, pick up and K166 sts along one side of piece.

Next row (WS): Beg P2, work in 2x2 Rib until edging meas 3" from pick-up row. BO all sts loosely in rib. Rep for opposite side edge.

Front and Neck Edging

With RS facing, beg at lower edge of Right Front, pick up and K190 sts up Right Front, across Back neck and down Left Front to lower edge.

Next row (WS): Beg P2, work in 2x2 Rib until edging meas 3" from pick-up row. BO all sts loosely in rib.

Front Ties (make 6)

With dpn, CO 3 sts. Work in i-cord until piece meas 18" from CO. BO all sts.

Install Ties

Fold vest at shoulders, CO and BO edges aligned. Meas approx 10" down from shoulder fold, and pm on Fronts and ea side of Back. Sew one i-cord at ea marker, then tie cords at ea side to form armhole. Sew rem two cords to Fronts at same depth as armholes or as desired. Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.