Knitting for women Knitting Tops, shirts Cold-shoulder top knitting pattern

Cold-shoulder top knitting pattern

Top knitting pattern


To fit sizes 81-86 (91-97) (102-107) cm/32-34 (36-38) (40-42) in.

Actual measurements 106 (116) (126) cm/41 3/4 (45 1/2) (49 1/2) in.

Side seam 29 (30.5) (32) cm/11 1/2 (12) (12 1/2) in.

Length to shoulder 55 (57.5) (60) cm/21 1/2 (22 1/2) (23 1/2) in.

Sleeve seam All sizes 26.5cm/10 1/2in.


10 (11) (12) 50g (95m) balls of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK (80% bamboo viscose, 20% wool) in Rinky Dinky Pink (158). 

Pair of 4mm (No. 8) and 4 1/2mm (No. 7) knitting needles.


20 stitches and 28 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over stocking stitch, using 4 1/2mm needles.

22 stitches and 30 rows to 10 x 10cm, over stocking stitch, using 4mm needles.


K, knit; p, purl; st, stitch; up1, pick up loopy lying between needles and k into the back of it; inc, increase (by working twice into same st); ss, stocking st (k on right side and p on wrong side).


Yarn amounts are based on average requirements and are therefore approx. Instructions are given for small size. Where they vary, work figures in round brackets for larger sizes. Instructions in square brackets are worked as stated after 2nd bracket.

Back and front

(both alike)

With 4mm needles, cast on 85 (93) (101) sts.

Beginning with a k row, work 28 rows in ss.

Increase row: K3, [up1, k4] to last 2 sts, up1, k2 - 106 (116) (126) sts.

Change to 4 1/2mm needles.

Beginning with a p row, ss another 55 (59) (63) rows.

Shape for sleeves: Inc 1 st at each end of next row and 3 following alternate rows, then on next 7 rows - 128 (138) (148) sts.

Cast on 8 sts at beginning of next 6 rows - 176 (186) (196) sts.

Ss another 45 (49) (53) rows.

With 4mm needles, cast off kwise. 


Join back and front together for 3 sts at each end of cast-off edge. With right side facing and using 4mm needles, pick up and k46 (50) (54) sts evenly along straight row-ends of sleeve.

Beginning with a p row, ss 27 rows.

Cast off kwise.


(make 2)

With 4mm needles, cast on 100 sts.

Cast off.

To make up

Join side, underarm and cuff seams.

Mark approximately 36cm at centre of cast-off edge of back and front for neck. Join shoulder for 4cm at each side of marked centre stitches. Wrap cords around shoulder seams and tie into double knot.

Designer: Shirley Bradford