Knitting for women Knitting Tops, shirts Striped tube top knitting pattern

Striped tube top knitting pattern

Tube top knitting pattern

A multi use garment can be worn as a Tube Top, skirt or cowl.


1 x balls 50gm Biggan DK Merino First Cross Wool 8ply Main colour shade 925

1 x balls 50gm Biggan DK Merino First Cross Wool 8ply colour 1 shade 924

1 x balls 50gm Biggan DK Merino First Cross Wool 8ply colour 2 shade 955

1 x balls 50gm Biggan DK Merino First Cross Wool 8ply colour 3 shade 975


4mm circular knitting needle 60 cm long

4mm circular knitting needle 40cm long

3mm set double pointed needles

4mm set double pointed needles


To fit bust: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 cm

Garment length 45, 45, 48, 48, 51, 51 cm


22 sts by 29 rows over stocking stitch on 4mm needles to 10 cm


When knitting a tube on a circular needle there is no seam at all.

To knit stocking stitch on a circular needle make only KNIT sts (NO PURL sts) as you always knit in the same direction, like a spiral. This makes knitting very even, easy and quick and the garment ready to wear as soon as loose ends have been fastened!

For WIDE RIB, as in this pattern, you knit both K and P sts on the circ needle for the rib effect.

Knitting Garment on Straight Needles instead of Circular Needles

Knit in one piece with 2 extra stitches for seam in one side. Sew together with yarn in a backstitch.

Correct Bodice Length

If your height is less than 160 cm take 2 cm off bodice length, if you are taller than 170 cm add 2 cm onto bodice length.



Design note: When changing colours knit first st with both colours to avoid a hole between the colours, then work in new colour only.

To avoid having so many loose ends to fasten off at the end of work, leave the yarns that are not in use still attached at the back of work. If you do this, it is very important to remember to see that the yarn, when used again, is not held too tight at the back of work, to stop tube from stretching.

Tube is knitted in one piece, like a cylinder, on a circular needle.

With 3mm circ needle and Mc cast on 136 (144, 152, 160, 168, 176) sts.

Close the loop to start knitting in the round, which means that beg and end of row is where first and last sts meet (and where the piece of yarn left from casting on will be hanging down to mark the spot).

Make sure that all sts are hanging down in the same direction, so edge is not twisted.

Work wide rib (K4, P4 alt) firmly, so tube stays elastic.

After *6 rows change to Cc1 and work 6 rows.

Next Rows: cont with Cc2 for 6 rows.

Next Rows: Cc3 for 6 rows.

Rep from * until end of work.

When work measures 48 (48, 51, 51, 54, 54) cm cast off very loosely so edge stays elastic. If you find it hard to make a loose cast off, use a size larger needle. Tube will be about 8 cm shorter when worn, as rib will stretch out.


Fasten off all loose ends.