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Cable top knitting pattern

Top knitting pattern


To fit bust sizes 86-91 (97-102) cm/34-36 (38-40) in.

Actual measurements 101 (111) cm/39 3/4 (43 3/4) in.

Side seam Both sizes 13cm/5in.

Length to shoulder 53 (60) cm/21 (23 1/2) in.

Sleeve seam Both sizes 16cm/6 1/4in.


10 (11) 100g (70m) balls of Rowan Alpaca Chunky (98% alpaca, 2% polyamide) in Dove (070).

Pair of 9mm (No. 00) and 10mm (No. 000) knitting needles; a cable needle.


13 stitches and 16 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over pattern, using 10mm needles.


K, knit; p, purl; st, stitch; k1b, k1 through back of st; tog, together; dec, decrease (by working 2 sts tog); inc, increase (by working twice into same st); c4, cable 4 (slip next 2 sts on to cable needle and leave at back, k2, then k2 from cable needle).


Yarn amounts are based on average requirements and are therefore approximate. Instructions are given for small size. Where they vary, work figures in round brackets for larger size. Instructions in square brackets are worked as stated after 2nd bracket.

To make

Left sleeve: With 10mm needles, cast on 94 (110) sts.

1st rib row: P2, [k2, p2] to end.

2nd rib row: K2, [p2, k2] to end.

Repeat last 2 rows, twice more, then work 1st row again.

Next row: K2, [p2tog, k2, p twice in each of next 2 sts, k2] 11 (13) times, p2tog, k2- 104 (122) sts.

Work in pattern thus:

1st row: P2, k1b, p2, [k4, p2, k1b, p2] to end.

2nd row: K2, p1, k2, [p4, k2, p1, k2] to end.

3rd row: P2, k1b, p2, [c4, p2, k1b, p2] to end.

4th row: As 2nd row.

These 4 rows form pattern.

Pattern another 14 rows. Mark each end of last row.

Back and front: Pattern another 14 (16) rows.

Dividing row: Pattern 52 (61), turn and work on these sts for back neck.

Back neck: Pattern another 52 (56) rows. Break off yarn and leave these sts on a spare needle.

Front neck: With right side facing return to end of dividing row, rejoin yarn and pattern to end - 52 (61) sts.

Pattern another 52 (56) rows.

Joining row: Pattern to end, then pattern across sts on spare needle - 104 (122) sts.

Pattern 13 (15) rows. Mark each end of last row.

Right sleeve: Pattern another 18 rows.

Next row: K2, [p twice in next st, k2, p2tog, p2tog, k2] 11 (13) times, p twice in next st, k2 - 94 (110) sts.

Beginning with a 1st row, work 7 rows in rib as given for left sleeve.

Cast off in rib.

Welts (both alike): With right side facing and using 9mm needles, pick up and k66 (74) sts along row-ends between markers. Beginning with a 2nd row, work 21 rows in rib as given for left sleeve.

Cast off in rib.

To complete: Join side and underarm seams.

Design by Fiona McTague