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Striped skirt knitting pattern

Skirt knitting pattern


With A, cast on 110 stitches. Knit 1 row, placing a marker after 10 stitches 3 times then after 40 stitches once. Work Rows 1-8 of Wedge Pattern a total of 50 (55, 60, 65, 70) times. Bind off loosely; do not fasten off last stitch or cut yarn.


Crochet border

Round 7 Place last skirt stitch on crochet hook. Work 1 half-double crochet (hdc) into each garter ridge across narrow edge of knit piece (waist) to last ridge. Work 4 hdc into last ridge (to turn corner), 1 hdc into each cast-on stitch, 4 hdc in corner, 1 hdc into every other stockinette row across wide edge of knit piece (hem), 4 hdc in corner, work 1 hdc into each bound-off stitch, and 1 hdc in side of first hdc. Do not join. Turn work.

Rows 2 and. Chain 2, work 1 hdc in each hdc to corner. Turn work.

Round 4 Chain 2, [work 1 hdc in each hdc and 4 hdc in corner] 3 times, [work double crochet in hdc, chain 1 and skip next hdc] across waist, end with dc in last hdc. Cut yarn.

Sew seam

Overlap WS of wider crochet border over RS of narrower crochet border. Beginning at waist, turn back wider border and work mattress stitch from waist to 6" to 8" above hem, joining first crochet row of each border.

Weave elastic through open mesh of dc at waist. Cut elastic to waist measurement + 1". Overlap ends of elastic. Sew securely.

Sideways skirt

The skirt is knit sideways in one piece; cast on for the length from hem to waist.

The skirt is shaped with slight wedges formed by changing from stockinette stitch to garter stitch within rows — rather than with short rows.

To adjust length

Add (any number) or subtract (up to 20) stitches at the hem. Make the same adjustments to the bold numbers in the Wedge.

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