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Women's scarf knitting pattern

Scarf knitting pattern

Our cover scarf looks like a complicated stripe, intarsia, or woven design but is the result of short-rows repeating across the length of the piece, creating undulating waves of color. Garter stitch and a long-color-repeat yarn marry beautifully.

One size

80" x 9 1/2" from point to point

Superfine fine weight 775 yds

3.25mm/US3, or size to obtain gauge, 100cm (40") long

stitch markers


Scarf is worked in a short-row technique that reworks the standard "wrap and turn" into a "turn and double stitch" manipulation (T&DS).

At the end of each wave, the stitch markers will shift 5 stitches to the left. In Row 2 (the long WS row), the markers move back 2 stitches, ready to begin a new 'tide'.

SL 1

Slip stitch purlwise with yarn in front.


Row 1a (RS) K15 — 2 stitches from marker.

Rows 1b, 1d, and 1f (WS) T&DS, k13, sl 1.

Rows 1c and 1e K1, SSK, k11, kDS, k1.

Row 1g K1, SSK, k11, kDS, remove marker (rm), k5, place marker (pm), do not turn.


Row 1a (RS) K14 — 2 stitches from marker.

Rows 1b, 1d, and 1f (WS) T&DS, k13.

Rows 1c and 1e T&DS, k12, kDS, k1.

Row 1g T&DS, k12, kDS, rm, k5, pm, do not turn.


Row 1a (RS) K14 (to edge of scarf).

Rows 1b, 1d, and 1f (WS) Sl 1, k13.

Rows 1c and 1e T&DS, k11, kf&b, k1.

Row 1g T&DS, k11, kf&b, k1 (to edge of scarf).


Using crochet cast-on, cast on 19, place marker (pm), [cast on 21, pm] 18 times, cast on 17 — 414 stitches.

For each 'tide'

Begin (RS) Work Rows 1a—1g of Right Wave, [work Rows 1a-1g of Center Waves] 18 times, work Rows 1a—1g of Left Wave, turn.

Row 2 SI 1, k13, [kDS] 3 times, [rm, k2, pm, k16, (kDS) 3 times, slip marker (sm)] 18 times, rm, k2, pm, k16, sl 1, turn.

Repeat 'tides' until scarf measures 9 1/2" or desired width, end with Row 2. Loosely bind off all stitches.



Design by Laura Barker