Storm hood with dark blue collar. We hated them as kids; now, they are super stylish on the slopes. The mix of hood and cape also works well on a bike. A buckle highlights the retro-look.

Size: Approx. 90 cm/36" wide, 70 cm/27 3/4" long

Materials: Lana Grossa "Superbingo" (100% pure wool, approx. 55 m/50 g): 450 g in Marine, col 11; size 7 mm Prym circular needles, 40 and 80 cm/16" and 32" long; blue decorative fastener.

Rib pattern 1: On RS rows, k2, p3; on WS rows, work sts as they appear.

Rib pattern 2: K2, p2

Tension: 15 sts and 16 rows = 10 x 10 cm/4" x 4" in rib pat 1 and 2.

Instructions: With longer circular needle, cast on 134 sts. Next WS row: Selvedge st, * p2, k3; rep from * to last 3 sts, p2, selvedge st. Work in rib pat 1 as established until work measures 5 cm/2" from cast-on. Bind off 1 st at beg of next 40 rows = 94 sts. Next RS row: Selvedge st, * k2, p2tog, p1; rep from * to last 3 sts, k2, selvedge st = 76 sts. Change to shorter circular needle and work in rib pat 2 until work measures 70 cm/28" from cast-on. Bind off all sts.

Finishing: Pin piece to measurements and block with damp towels. Sew on fastener approx. 22 cm/8 3/4" up from lower edge as shown in photo.