Soft Mist Scarf

Soft Mist Scarf

When does fabric become yarn? When it’s knitted through holes in the edge to creatqa romantic, feminine ruffled effect! Designed by Vickie Zelizo in Yorganza, Soft Mist Scarf is lightweight and so packable.


MATERIALS: 1 (100g, 32yd) ball Sullivans USA Yorganza (100% polyester) color #39762 Primrose Leopard Scales

Size 9 US (5 mm) knitting needles

Sewing needle and matching thread or fabric sealant (optional)

GAUGE: Gauge is not critical for this project.


CO 3 sts as follows: *Pick up 1 st by inserting ndl through first hole at the top of the fabric from front to back, skip the next hole; rep from * twice.

Row 1: *Skip next hole, insert RH ndl into next hole on the LH ndl knitwise. Place next hole in fabric on RH ndl tip and pull the fabric through the hole on the LH ndl (completing the knit st); rep from * twice. Rep Row 1 until you have 6 holes left in the fabric.

BO, pulling entire strand through last loop to fasten off.


Trim ends. If desired, use sewing needle and thread to tack down raw edges or apply fabric sealant to cut edges.