Heather's Cowl

Heather's Cowl

Colorful and simple in silhouette, but so interesting in stitch pattern, Melissa Leapman's Heather’s Cowl in Attire Worsted is a piece you can wear just about anywhere. It's a great accent to a casual dress and ideal with just a denim jacket.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: Height 12", Circumference 23"

MATERIALS: 3 (50g; 110yd) balls Willow Yarns Attire Worsted (100% extra-fine merino) color #0014 On Trend

Size 8 US (5 mm) 16" circular needle

Size 9 US (5.5 mm) 16" circular needle OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Stitch marker, yarn needle

GAUGE: 19 sts x 26 rnds = 4" in pattern using larger ndl



LACE PATTERN (multiple of 12 sts)

Rnd 1 (RS): *P3, k2tog, [k1, yo] twice, k1, ssk, p2; rep from * around.

Rnds 2 and all even-numbered rnds: Knit the knit sts, purl the purl sts, and knit the yarn overs (yo).

Rnd 3: *P2, k2tog, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, ssk, p1; rep from * around.

Rnd 5: *P1, k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, ssk; rep from * around.

Rnd 7: *P1, k11; rep from * around.

Rnd 9: *K1, yo, k1, ssk, p5, k2tog, k1, yo; rep from * around.

Rnd 11: *K2, yo, k1, ssk, p3, k2tog, k1, yo, k1; rep from * around.

Rnd 13: *K3, yo, k1, ssk, p1, k2tog, k1, yo, k2; rep from * around.

Rnd 15: *K6, p1, k5; rep from * around.

Rnd 16: As Rnd 2. Rep Rnds 1-16 for Lace patt.


With smaller ndl, CO 97 sts. Pm for beg of rnd. Join to work in the rnd, being careful not to twist. Purl 5 rnds, inc 11 sts evenly spaced in last rnd [108 sts]. Change to larger ndl. Work in Lace patt until piece measures about 111/2" from beg, end with a Row 8 or Row 16 of patt

Change to smaller ndl. Purl 5 rnd, dec 11 sts evenly spaced in first rnd [97 sts].

Bind off.


Weave in all ends. Block lightly.