Lace cap

Lace cap

Size: for head circumference of approx. 56 - 60 cm/221/4" - 233/4".

Materials: Austermann “Algarve” (100% cotton, approx. 142 m/158750 g) 150 g of pink, col 50; Prym circular knitting needles, sizes 3 mm and 3.5 mm (US 2-3 and 4-5), each 50 cm/20" long, set of double pointed needles (dpn), size 3.5 mm.

Stocking stitch: in rnds, k all rnds.

Eyelet pattern: k 2 tog 2 and 1 yo alternately.

Lace pattern: Work in rnds, foil the chart. Only the pattern rnds are shown. Always read these from right to left. In the intermediate rnds (not shown), k all sts and yo's. Horizontally, rep the patt rep 10 times. Vertically, work rnds 1 - 60 once.

Attention: In the 19th rnd, the rnd transition begins at last st of preceding rnd.

Tension gauges: 20 sts and 30 rows of stocking stitch = 10x10 cm/4" x 4"; 22 sts and 30 rows of lace pattern = 10x10 cm/4" x 4".

Instructions: With the 3 mm circular needle, cast on 120 sts. Close to a rnd and place marker at beginning of rnd. For the band, work 2 cm/3/4" = 6 rnds of stocking stitch. Then work 1 rnd of eyelet pattern and 2 cm/3/4" = 6 rnds more of stocking stitch. Now change to the 3.5 mm circular needle and work the lace pattern, rep the marked patt rep 10 times per rnd. After completing the 60th rnd of the chart, 60 sts remain on the needle. Change to the dpn and work decs as foll: in the foll rnd, k every 2 sts tog = 30 sts. In the next rnd again work every 2 sts tog = 15 sts. Cut yarn, run it through remaining sts, and pull closed. Hide yarn ends. Fold lower edge to inside, to meet eyelet row, and sew cast-on edge in place.