Infinity scarf

Infinity scarf

Infinity scarf finally a scarf you cannot lose! Seriously, this scarf is a real eye-catcher. Make it in grey, to wear with sportswear, or in fire-engine red to accent a simple dress.

Size: approx. 88 cm Umfang und 44 cm breit.

Materials: Lana Grossa “Ragazza Lei” (100% virgin wool, approx. 40 m/45 yds/50 g) 300 g of Gray col 31; Prym knitting needles size 12 mm (US 17).

Seed stitch: k 1, p 1 alternately. Stagger sts in each row.

Instructions: Cast on 35 sts. Work seed stitch. After 88 cm/35'' = 124 rows, cast off all sts.

Finishing: Block piece, dampen, and let dry. Join the cast-on and cast-off edges with grafting (Kitchener stitch), to form a ring.