Cable pattern cap

Cable pattern cap

Cap this cable stitch cap is an absolute must-have this season, worn classically, as shown here, or casually tipped back, street style.

Size: for head circumference of approx. 48 - 52 cm/ 19''-2014", 31 cm/121/4" long.

Materials: Lanecardate “Feltrone” (75% virgin wool, 25% angora, approx. 45 m/50 yds/100 g): 150 g of Grigio3; 1 Prym circular knitting needle, size 15 mm (US 19), 40 cm/16" long, and 1 set of Prym double pointed needles (dpn), size 15 mm (US 19); 1 cable needle.

Rib pattern: k 1, p 1 alternately.

Stocking stitch: when working in rnds, k all rnds


Cable pattern: Work in rnds, following the chart. All rnds are shown. Read all rnds from right to left. Horizontally rep the 18 sts 2 times. Vertically, rep rnds 1 - 6 cont.

Tension gauge: 8 sts and 10 rows of cable pattern = 10x10 cm/4" x 4".

Instructions: With the circular needle, cast on 32 sts. Close to a rnd and place marker at beginning of rnd. For the band, work 8 cm/31/4" = 7 rnds of rib pattern. Then work 1 rnd of stocking stitch and inc 4 sts, evenly spaced = 36 sts. Now cont in cable pattern, working the patt rep 2 times. When work measures 22 cm/83/4'' = 22 rnds from begin of cable pattern, divide sts on 4 dpn. In the following rnd, k every 2 sts tog = 18 sts. In the next rnd, again k every 2 sts tog = 9 sts. Cut yarn, run it through remaining sts, and pull them closed. Hide yarn end.