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New heatwave by Sublime

Women's Jumper: free knitting pattern

Women's Jumper: free knitting pattern


To fit: 81[86:91:97:102:107]cm (32[34:36:38:40:42]in)

Actual measurement: 82[86:91:96:100:105]cm (32.25(34:36:37.75:39.5:41.25]in)

Length to shoulder: 53(55:57:59:61:64]cm (21 [21.75:22.5:23.25:24:25.25]in)

Sleeve length: 29[31:31:31:31:32]cm (11.5(12:12:12:12:12.5]in)

Figures in square brackets refer to larger sizes: where there is only one set of figures this applies to all sizes.


Sublime Cotton Silk DK 75% cotton, 25% silk (approx 125m per 50g)

2[2:2:2:2:3] x 50g balls 440 Charred (A)

2[2:2:2:2:3] x 50g balls 441 Tessie (B)

2[2:2:2:2:3] x 50g balls 439 Grey Glaze (C)

2(2:2:2:2:31 x 50g balls 444 Elodie (D)

2(2:2:2:2:31 x 50g balls 438 Anglais (E)

1 pair 4mm needles

8 stitch markers or coloured thread 

Row counter

Note: Yarn amounts given are based on average requirements and are approximate.


22 sts and 28 rows to 10cm over st st using 4mm needles.

23.5 sts and 28 rows to 10cm over patt using 4mm needles.

Use larger or smaller needles if necessary to obtain correct tension.


sk2po = slip 1 knitwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over.


Stripe Sequence

4 rows in A

2 rows in B

4 rows in C

2 rows in D

4 rows in E

2 rows in A

4 rows in B

2 rows in C

4 rows in D

2 rows in E


With A cast on 97(101:107:113:117:123] sts.

Row 1 (RS): K3[0:3:1:3:1], (k1, yfwd, k3, sk2po, k3, yfwd) to last 4[1:4:2:4:2] sts, k4[1:4:2:4:2].

Row 2 (WS): Purl.

These 2 rows form patt. Cont in patt and striped sequence as set until work meas 34[36:37:38:39:41]cm, (13.5[14:14.5:15:15.5:16]in), ending on a WS row.

Work should meas approx 41 [43:46:48:50:53]cm, (16(17:18:19:19.75:21]in), across.

Shape armholes

Cast off 10(9:10:10:10:10] sts in patt at beg of next 2 rows. 77(83:87:93:97:103] sts.

Next row: K3[1:3:1:3:1], (k1, yfwd, k3, sk2po, k3, yfwd) to last 4[2:4:2:4:2] sts, k4[2:4:2:4:2].

Next row: Purl.

Last 2 rows reset position of patt. Cont without shaping until armhole meas 19(19:20:21:22:23]cm, (7.5[7.5:8:8.25:8.75:9]in), from top of needle to beg of armhole shaping, ending on a purl row.

Cast off in patt, place marker or coloured thread to indicate neck at each side of centre 61(61:61:63:63:63] sts.


With A cast on 57 [57:59:59:61:61] sts.

Row l (RS): K3[3:4:4:0:0], (k1, yfwd, k3, sk2po, k3, yfwd) to last 4[4:5:5:1:1] sts, k4[4:5:5:1:1].

Row 2 (WS): Purl.

These 2 rows form patt.

Cont in patt and striped sequence cont as folls: Patt 49(33:57:69:7:15] rows inc 1 st at each end of first and every foll 4th[4th:4th:4th:2nd:2nd] row. 83(75:89:95:69:77] sts. 

Work increased sts in patt when full patt rep can be worked.

Patt 18(42:18:6:68:60] rows inc 1 st at each end of every foll 6th[6th:6th:6th:4th:4th] row. 89(89:95:97:103:107] sts.

Cont without shaping until Sleeve meas 29(31:31:31:31:32]cm, (11.5[12:12:12:12:12.5]in), ending on a WS row.

Place marker or coloured thread at each end of last row to indicate end of Sleeve seam.

Work 8 rows without shaping. Cast off in patt.


Join shoulder seams to markers. Join side seams. Join Sleeve seams to markers. Sew Sleeves in position then sew rem of Sleeves to cast-off sts at armholes. Pin out garment to measurement given and cover with damp cloths to dry naturally. See ball band for washing and further care instructions.