Grey poncho

Grey poncho

Thanks to grey, this cable pattern poncho comes across pleasantly un-folksy! Tight blue jeans and sneakers round off the look. If you prefer a little sophistication, just combine it with a white blouse and high heels.

Size: 34/36, 38/40, and 42/44.

Figures for sizes 38/40 and 42/44 are given in parentheses, in ascending order, separated by a dash. If only one figure is given, it applies for all three sizes.

Materials: Lanecardate “Feltrone” (75% virgin wool, 25% angora, approx. 45 m/50 yds/100 g): 650 (700-750) g of Avon; addi circular knitting needles, size 15 mm (US 19), 1 each of 50 cm/ 20" and 80 cm/32" long; 1 cable needle.

Rib pattern: k 1, p 1 alternately.

Stocking stitch: when working in rnds, k all rnds.

Cable pattern: Work in rnds, following the chart. Read each pattern rnd from right to left. In the intermediate rnds (not shown), work all sts as they appear. Horizontally, work the 10 sts once; vertically, rep rnds 1 - 4 cont.

Tension gauges: 6 sts and 9 rnds of stocking stitch = 10x10 cm/4" x 4". The 10 sts of the cable pattern are 10 cm/4" wide. The poncho is worked in one piece, in rnds.

Instructions: With the longer circular needle, cast on 92 (100-108) sts. Close to a rnd and place marker at beginning of rnd. For the hem band, work 4 cm/ 15/s" = 3 rnds of rib pattern. Then cont work with the following st placement: 36 (40-44) sts of stocking stitch, 10 sts of cable pattern, 36 (40-44) sts of stocking stitch, and 10 sts of cable pattern. In the 3rd rnd after the hem band, begin the decs. To dec, work skp (= slip 1 st kwise, k 1, and psso) over the 2 k sts before each cable pattern and k tog the 2 sts after each cable pattern = 4 sts less per dec rnd. Rep these decs 8 (7-6) more times in every 4th rnd, 0 (1-2) time(s) in every 2nd rnd, and 5 (7-9) times in every rnd = 36 sts. As the number of sts decs, change to the shorter circular needle, as needed. Now work 2 more rnds and in each of these rnds, work the described decs only before and after the back cable = 32 sts. In the following rnd, work no decs, but cross the sts one more time in the cable pattern. For the collar, work 5 cm/2" = 5 rnds of stocking stitch then cast off all sts loosely.

Finishing: Block piece, dampen, and let dry. The upper and lower edges will roll, due to the pattern.