Free women's jackets knitting patterns

Free Knitting Pattern Women's Cosy Jacket

Free Knitting Pattern Women's Cosy Jacket


To fit: 81-86[91-97:102-107:112-117]cm


Actual measurement: 120[131:142:153]cm


Length to shoulder: 70[72:74:76]cm


Ladies Jacket Knitting Pattern Free

Ladies Jacket Knitting Pattern Free


To fit: 76-81[86-91:97-102:107-112:117-122:127-132]cm 


Actual measurement: 94[104:114:125:135:145]cm


Length to shoulder: 72[74:74:75:75:76]cm


Bavarian-style cable jacket

Bavarian-style cable jacket

Alpine jacket with peplum traditional knit lace. Highlight: the cable pattern creates a lovely three dimensional effect. Real pros will add a knit cord...

Size: 36/38.

Materials: Baruffa "Aran" (100% pure wool, approx. 68 m/50 g): 950 g in Natural, col 301; size 4.5 and 5 mm Addi needles; size 4.5 mm circular needle, 100 cm/40" long; size 5 mm crochet hook; cable needle (cn); 5 golden bells to be used as buttons.

Stockinette: K on RS, p on WS.

Draped-front Jacket

Draped-front Jacket

Knitted Jacket for Women


To fit sizes 76-81 (86-91) (97-102) cm/30-32 (34-36) (38-40) in.

Actual measurements 88 (96) (104) cm/34 3/4 (37 3/4) (41) in.

Side seam 37 (38) (39.5) cm/14 1/2 (15) (15 1/2)in.

Length 58 (60.5) (63) cm/23 (23 3/4) (24 3/4) in.

Sleeve seams All sizes 39cm/15 1/4in.

Jacket with patterned stripes

Jacket with patterned stripes

Couture allure for every day; the collarless boxy jacket with seed stitch stripes and glittery buttons.

Sizes: Small (Medium)

Instructions are for size Small. Changes for size Medium are in parentheses. If there is only one number it applies to both sizes.

Materials: Lana Grossa

"Alta Moda Cashmere" (80% Wool, 20% Cashmere, yardage = 90m/50 g) 400 (450) g black (#12).

"Splendid" (72% Super Kid Mohair, 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester, yardage = 165 m/25 g) approx 50 (75) g black/silver (#7).