Knitting for women Knitting Bolero Little lace shrug knitting pattern

Little lace shrug knitting pattern

Shrug knitting pattern

Measurements & sizes

Dress size (approx): 8-10 (12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26)

Back width (cm): 37.5 (41.5, 45, 47, 50)

Arm length: 39cm

Arm width: 21cm

Yarn: Rooster Delightful Lace, shade 622 Tumbes, one 100g skein

Needles: 3.25mm double-pointed, 3.75mm (40cm) circular, 4mm (40cm) circular

Beads: white, 4mm, four; silver, 4mm; clear drop beads, 10mm, two of each

Sewing needle and thread

Tapestry needle

Tension Square21 sts x 33 rows =10cm x 10cm over pattern 4mm needles

knit wise

This sweet little shrug is worked from side to side, starting with the sleeve border and working up the arm. The back section is worked in rows, so take note of how the stitch pattern changes slightly to factor in the wrong side (purl) rows.

You will also be working a yfwd at the beginning of the row. To do this, hold the RH needle close to the work, then move the yarn over the top of the needle and insert the needle into the front of the next stitch.

Switch back to working in the round again to complete the second sleeve, then finish off with the final sleeve border. The ties are worked separately and sewn in place.


NOTE: stretch work out before measuring

Using 3.75mm circular needle and thumb method, cast on 84 sts, join in the md taking care not to twist sts, pm for beg of md, then place three more markers 21 sts apart

First Faux Picot Border

Rnds 1-2: k

Rnd 3 (fold): * yfwd, k2tog, rep from * to end

Rnds 4-5: k

Rnd 6: p

Rnd 7: k

First Sleeve

Change to 4mm circular needle and commence

Trellis sequence patt as folls:

** Rnd 8: * k2tog, yfwd, k1, rep from * to end

Rnd 9: k

Rnd 10: * yfwd, kl, k2tog, rep from * to end

Rnd 11: k**

Rep Rnds 8-11 until work meas 40cm from cast-on edge, ending after a Rnd 11


Work back and forth in rows as (see Knitwise) foils:

Row 1: * k2tog, yfwd, k1, rep from * to end, turn

Row 2: p

Row 3: * yfwd, k1, k2tog, rep from * to end

Row 4: p

Rep Rows 1-4 until Back meas 37.5 (41.5,45, 47,50) cm or desired length, ending after a Row 4

Second Sleeve

Return to working in the rnd

Rep from ** to ** as for first sleeve until second sleeve meas 38cm, ending after a Rnd 8

Second Faux Picot Border

Change to 3.75mm needles

Rnd 1: p

Rnds 2-3: k

Rnd 4 (fold): * yfwd, k2tog, rep from * to end

Rnds 5-6: k

Using a 4mm needle, cast off loosely kwise.

TIES (make two)

Using two 3.25mm dpns, cast-on four sts

Row 1: k to end, do not turn, slide sts to opposite end of needle, pull yarn tightly across back of work

Rep Row 1 until work meas 63cm or is long enough to tie in a bow loosely as shown

Cast off, leaving a long tail

Weave in ends. Loop three 25cm lengths of yarn through each end of i-cord and knot to secure. Group strands together and slide on beads in this order: white, silver, clear, white. Knot all six strands underneath last bead to secure. Trim end to 4cm


Weave in loose yarn ends, secure and trim. Turn under ends of sleeves at fold rows and secure on wrong side to back of purl row. Block to measurements. Attach Ties to front neck edge as shown

Design by Charmaine Fletcher