Greengage Hat

Greengage Hat

This super-chunky hat features an easy lace pattern which is fun and fast to hook.


• Debbie Bliss Roma, 70% wool/30% alpaca, 100g/80m/87yds

Shade: Apple 07 x 1 ball 

• 10mm hook

• Stitch marker (optional)

• Tape measure

• Yarn needle


Any super-chunky yarn of the correct tension will give a similar effect.


Work 9tr and 5 rows to measure 10 x 10cm/4 x 4in using a 10mm hook, or size required to obtain tension. 


One size, to fit an average adult. The hat measures approximately 23 x 46cm/9 x 18in unstretched, with a certain amount of ease. 


Shell: (2tr, 1ch, 2tr) in next st.


The hat fits an average female adult. To change the size, adjust the stitch count at the crown, before starting the lace section. The lace pattern requires a 6 st repeat. There is sufficient yarn remaining on the ball to make minor length adjustments. Significant changes may require an additional ball of yarn.

The hat is worked in rounds without turning. The crown, where the shaping takes places, is worked in trebles. The sides are worked straight, in a lace pattern. Due to the super-chunky nature of the yarn, the start of each new round is obvious to the eye, but you can use a stitch marker to keep track if preferred.



4ch, sl st to join into ring.

Rnd 1: 3ch (counts as tr), 7tr in ring, sl st to third ch to join rnd - 8tr.

Rnd 2: 3ch (counts as tr), 1tr in same st, 2tr in every st, sl st to third ch to join rnd - 16tr.

Rnd 3: As rnd 2 - 32tr. 

Rnd 4: 3ch (counts as tr), 5tr, 2tr in next tr, [7tr, 2tr in next tr] to end, sl st to third ch to join rnd - 36tr.


Rnd 5: 3ch (counts as tr), [miss 2 sts, shell (see Special Stitches), miss 2 sts, 1tr] to end omitting final 1tr and replacing with sl st to third ch to join rnd - 6 shells, 6tr.

Rnd 6: 3ch (counts as tr), [shell in ch-sp, 1tr in single tr] to end omitting final 1tr and replacing with sl st to third ch to join rnd.

Rnds 7-10: As rnd 6. Rep rnd 6 as many times as you wish for longer hat.


Secure and conceal any yarn ends neatly using the yarn needle.