Carousel Bag

Carousel Bag

Carousel Bag by Mona Modica

This colorful purse is perfect for a summer outing.


18 inches wide x 12 inches long, excluding handle


• Omega La Espiga #9 crochet nylon (7 oz/339 yds per roll): 2 rolls #58 multi turquoise

• Sizes D/3/3.25mm and G/6/4mm crochet hooks or size needed to obtain gauge

• Tapestry needle

• Sewing needle

• 14-inch purse handle

• 12-inch purse zipper

• Matching sewing thread

• Matching lining fabric

• Liquid seam sealant


With size G hook: 7 sts = 11/2 inches; 7 dc rows = 3 inches


Weave in loose ends as work progresses.

Dabbing liquid seam sealant on ends is necessary when using nylon thread because it unravels easily. When coming to an end or changing colors, work over the thread just like yarn but leave a little more thread. Then clip close to the stitches and immediately dab liquid seam sealant on the end and the surrounding area on the inside of your work. It can darken the thread so dab lightly, but make sure it's saturated.

Bag is worked in back loops only unless otherwise stated.

Chain-2 at beginning of row does not count as first double crochet.



Row 1: With size G hook, ch 25, sk 2 chs (2 sk chs do not count as a st), dc in each of next 3 chs, 2 dc in next ch, dc in each of next 15 chs, 2 dc in next ch, dc in next 3 chs, turn. (25 dc)

Row 2: Working in back lps (see Stitch Guide and Pattern Notes) throughout Body, ch 2 (see Pattern Notes), dc in each dc to dc inc, dc in first dc of inc, inc in 2nd dc of inc, dc in each dc across to next inc, inc in first dc of inc, dc in 2nd dc of inc, dc in each dc to end of row, do not work in ch-2, turn. (27 dc)

Rows 3-24: Rep row 2.(71 dc)

Rows 25-34: Ch 2, dc in each dc across, turn.

Row 35: Ch 2, dc in each of next 26 dc, dc dec (see Stitch Guide) over next 2 dc, dc in next 15 dc, dc dec over next 2 dc, dc in each dc to end of row, turn. (69 dc)

Rows 36-57: Ch 2, dc across to dc before dc dec, dc dec over next 2 dc, dc across to next dc dec, dc dec over next 2 dc, dc in each dc to end of row, turn. (25 dc)


Rnd 1: Now working in rnds in ends of rows of Body through both lps of sts, with size D hook, work 1 sc at the end of each row, at other end of bag, sc in each dc, work 1 sc at other ends of rows and sc in each dc, do not join.

Rnd 2: [Sc in next 10 sc, sk next sc] around.

Rnds 3-10: Sc in each sc around.

Rnd 11: [Ch 1, sl st in next sc] around, sl st in beg ch 1. Fasten off.


Make 2.

Row 1: With size D hook, ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each rem ch across, turn. (10 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc across. Fasten off.

Pass Tab through handle and attach to side of Bag.


Place Bag on 2 layers of fabric. Trace a line around the Bag, adding 1/2 inch for seam allowances. Cut out lining, sew sides and bottom. Fold top edge to WS. Place inside Bag and tack top edge of lining to top edge of Bag Sew zipper to inner edge of rnd 10 of Top Band.