Knitting for men Pullovers, Sweaters Men's jumper knitting pattern

Men's jumper knitting pattern

Jumper knitting pattern


To fit: XS[S:M:L:XL:XXL]

81-86[91-97:102-107:112-117:122-127:132-137]cm (32-34[36-38:40-42:44-46:48-50:52-54]in)

Actual measurement: 94[104:114:124:134:144]cm (37[41:45:49:53:57]in)

Length to shoulder: 65[66:67:67:68:69]cm (25.75[26.25:26.5:26.5:26.75:27.25]in)

Sleeve length: 47[47:48:48:48:49]cm (18.5(18.5:19:19:19:19.5]in)

Figures in square brackets refer to larger sizes: where there is only one set of figures this applies to all sizes.


Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran Superwash 100% merino superwash (approx 100m per 50g)

12[13:13:14:14:15] x 50g balls 40 Sage

1 pair each 4mm and 5mm needles

1 stitch holder

Cable needle

3 buttons from Duttons for Buttons

Row counter

Note: Yarn amounts given are based on average requirements and are approximate.


22 sts and 25 rows to 10cm over patt (after light pressing) using 5mm needles.

Use larger or smaller needles if necessary to obtain correct tension.


MK/MP = make 1 st knitwise/purlwise by picking up and working into back of horizontal strand lying before next st.


The rib comprises a mix of making a stitch while simultaneously decreasing a stitch. This gives an interesting wavy edge and slanting lines of decreases to the ribs and is a simple stitch to work. The sleeves are worked top down, making the finished length easy to adjust.

PANEL (worked over 6 sts)

Row 1 (RS): MK, skpo, k4.

Row 2 and every alt row: P6.

Row 3: MK, k1, skpo, k3.

Row 5: MK, k2, skpo, k2.

Row 7: MK, k3, skpo, k1.

Row 9: K4, k2tog, MK.

Row 11: K3, k2tog, k1, MK.

Row 13: K2, k2tog, k2, MK.

Row 15: K1, k2tog, k3, MK.

Row 16: P6.

These 16 rows form panel.


Using 4mm needles cast on 80[92:100:112:120:132] sts.

Row 1 (RS): K3, (p2, k2) to last st, k1.

Row 2: P3, (k2, p2) to last st, p1.

Rep these 2 rows until rib meas 7cm (3in), ending after Row 1.

Next row: P2[8:8:3:2:8], *MP, p4[4:4:5:5:5]; rep from * to last 2[8:8:4:3:9] sts, MP, p to end. 100[112:122:134:144:156] sts.

Change to 5mm needles and patt:

Row 1 (RS): K0[4:0:4:0:4], p3[5:3:5:3:5], (work 6 sts from Row 1 of Panel, p5) 8[8:10:10:12:12] times, work Row 1 of Panel, p3[5:3:5:3:5], k0[4:0:4:0:4].

Row 2: P0[4:0:4:0:4], k3[5:3:5:3:5], (p6, k5) 8[8:10:10:12:12] times, p6, k3[5:3:5:3:5], p0[4:0:4:0:4].

Rows 3-16: Rep Rows 1-2 seven times but working Rows 3-16 of Panel.

These 16 rows form patt.

Cont in patt until work meas 65[66:67:67:68:69]cm (25.75[26.25:26.5:26.5:26.75:27.25]in) from beg, measured through centre of work, ending after a WS row.

Shape shoulders

Cast off 7[8:9:10:11:12] sts at beg of next 8 rows. 44[48:50:54:56:60] sts.

Cast off 8[9:9:10:10:11] sts at beg of next 2 rows. 28[30:32:34:36:38] sts.

Slip rem sts on a holder and leave.


Work as for Back until Front meas 47[51:53:53:55:55] rows less than Back up to start of shoulder shaping, ending after a RS row.

Divide for neck opening

Next row: Patt 47[53:58:64:69:75], cast off next 6 sts (centre sts) loosely knitwise, patt to end.

Cont on last group of sts for left half of neck. Patt 33 rows straight thus ending at neck edge.

Shape neck

** Next row: Cast off 6[7:8:9:10:11] sts loosely, work to end.

Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 5 rows. 36[41:45:50:54:59] sts.

Patt 6[10:12:12:14:14] rows straight, thus ending at side edge.

Shape shoulder

Cast off 7[8:9:10:11:12] sts at beg of next row and the 3 foll alt rows.

Work 1 row.

Cast off rem 8[9:9:10:10:11] sts.

With RS facing, join yarn to rem sts and patt 34 rows straight.

Complete as left half but working 1 row more before shaping shoulder.


Begin at top edge.

Using 5mm needles, cast on 70[74:80:84:90:96] sts.

Row 1 (RS): K16[18:21:23:26:29], (p5, work Row 1 of Panel) 3 times, p5, k16[18:21:23:26:29].

Row 2: P16[18:21:23:26:29], (k5, p6) 3 times, k5, p to end.

These 2 rows place Panels.

Cont with Panels as placed to match Back and Front and work 8[8:10:10:10:10] more rows.

Keeping Panels correct, shape Sleeve:

Next row (dec): K1, skpo, work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

Cont working dec row on every foll 8th[8th:6th:6th:6th:6th] row until 52[60:62:66:78:90] sts rem, then on every foll 6th[6th:6th:4th:4th:4th] row until 48[50:52:52:54:56] sts rem.

Work straight until Sleeve meas 39[39:41:41:41:42]cm (15.5[15.5:16:16:16:16.5]in), or desired length before working cuff, ending after a RS row.

Next row: Purl, dec 8[10:8:8:10:8] sts evenly across. 40[40:44:44:44:48] sts.

Change to 4mm needles and beg Row 1 work in rib as on Back for 7cm (3in), ending after Row 1.

Cast off in rib.


Join shoulders.

Using 4mm needles, RS facing, k up 24[29:32:33:36:37] sts evenly round right front neck, k across 28[30:32:34:36:38] Back neck sts, finally k up 24[29:32:33:36:37] sts evenly round left front neck. 76[88:96:100:108:112] sts. Beg Row 2 work 32 rows in rib as on Back. Cast off loosely in rib.

Place a marker between Rows 16 and 17 at each end of Neckband.


Using 4mm needles, RS facing, commencing at marker, k up 16 sts from the left edge of Neckband, then k up 32 sts evenly from the 34 rows worked before shaping neck on left Front. 48 sts.

Beg row 2 work 4 rows in rib as on back.

Next row (buttonhole row): Rib 11, (cast off 3 sts, rib 11 - including st on right needle after cast-off) twice, cast off 3 sts, rib to end.

Next row: In rib casting on 3 sts neatly in each place where sts were cast off.

Rib 5 more rows.

Cast off evenly in rib.


Work as for Buttonhole band, omitting buttonholes.


Press work lightly on WS, omitting ribbing. Fold neckband in half to WS and hem neatly in position all round. Stitch down lower edges of button and buttonhole bands to the 6 centre cast-off sts of Front, overlapping left edge over right edge. Sew cast-on edge of Sleeves to corresponding sections of Front and Back yoke. Join side and Sleeve seams. Sew on buttons. Press seams.

Design by Pat Menchini