Knitting for men Pullovers, Sweaters Half Fisherman's Rib Raglan Jumper

Half Fisherman's Rib Raglan Jumper

Men's jumper free knitting pattern

Men's jumper free knitting pattern


To fit: S[M:L:XL]

Actual measurement: 89[98:104:110]cm (35[38.5:41:43.5]in)

Length to shoulder: 61[66:69:70]cm (24[26:27.25:27.5]in)

Sleeve length: 52[54:56:57]cm (20.5[21.25:22:22.5]in)

Figures in square brackets refer to larger sizes: where there is only one set of figures this applies to all sizes.


Navia Duo 4 ply 80% Faroese wool, 20% English lambswool (approx 180m per 50g)

8[8:9:10] x 50g balls N22 Light Grey (A)

1 [2:3:3] x 50g balls N224 Navy Blue (B)

1 x 50g balls N227 Burgundy (C)

1 each of circular needles in 5.5mm (80cm and 40cm long) and 6.5mm (80cm long)

Stitch holders

Row counter

Note: Yarn amounts given are based on average requirements and are approximate.


11 sts to 10cm over Half Fisherman's Rib using 6.5mm needles and two strands of yarn.

Use larger or smaller needles if necessary to obtain correct tension.


K1b = knit 1 in stitch in row below


Yarn is worked DOUBLE throughout.

Half Fisherman's Rib (worked in the round)

Rnd 1: Knit.

Rnd 2: (K1b, p1) to end of rnd. Rep last 2 rows.

NB: When Half Fisherman's Rib is worked back and forth, Row 1 is worked in purl. Row 2 worked as above.



Using long 5.5mm circular needle and 2 strands of A, cast on 92[100:108:116] sts. Work 4 rnds in k1, p1 rib. Change to 6.5mm circular needle. Cont in Half Fisherman's Rib until work meas 41 [44:46:47]cm (16.25[17.25:18:18.5]in) ending on Row 2. 

Shape armholes

Cast off 5 sts, k until 37[41:45:49] sts on RH needle, cast off 9 sts, k to last 4 sts, cast off 4 sts. Set work aside and make Sleeves.


Work back and forth as if on straight needles. Using 5.5mm circular needle and 2 strands of A, cast on 25[25:25:27] sts. Work 4 rows in k1, p1 rib. Change to 6.5mm needles.

Cont in Half Fisherman's Rib working colours as folls: Work 2 sts in B, work 21 [21:21:23] sts in A, work 2 sts in B. Inc 1 st at each end every 14th row until there are 37(41:45:47] sts (work all inc'd sts in B). Cont without shaping until Sleeve meas 52[54:56:57]cm (20.5[21.25:22:22.5]in).

Shape armhole

Cast off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 29[33:37:39] sts. Place all sts from all sections onto 6.5mm circular needle, with Sleeves on top of Back/ Front's cast-off sts. 132(148:164:176] sts. Place a stitch marker between each of the 4 sections. Begin round with section on Right Side at Front. Pattern should be symmetrical over raglan (ie first and last st in each section is the same) and the 2 sts either side should be worked in garter stitch, ie first rnd knit, second rnd purl.

Shape raglan

Rnd 1: *K1 (garter st), k2tog, work in Half Fisherman's Rib until 3 sts before next marker, skpo, k1 (garter st), rep from * 3 more times. 124(140:156:168] sts. Dec in this way on every 5th rnd 6[7:7:8] times, until 84(92:108:112] sts rem. Break yarn. Place centre 7(9:11:11] sts from Front section on a holder for neck.

The row starts at right side of neck. Work back and forth in straight rows from now on and at the same time cast off 2 sts from each side on neck edge on next four rows. Cont with raglan decs on every 4th row, 3[4:5:5] times in all (2 sts between raglan decs should be worked in g-st, ie k on every row). Break off yarn.


Using 5.5mm circular needle (40cm) and 2 strands of C, pick up approx 70(70:74:76] sts around neck edge.

NB: Rib for neck should match Half Fisherman's Rib st on Front, Sleeves and Back. Work 6 rnds in k1, p1 rib. Cast off in rib. 


Sew together under Sleeves. Darn in loose ends. Wash the jumper in Navia Wool Care. After washing, spread out the jumper on a towel to dry.