Knitting for home Blanket squares knitting pattern free

Blanket squares knitting pattern free

Blanket squares knitting pattern free


110cm x 79cm (43 1/2in x 31 in)



DMC Myboshi

A 3 x 50g balls in Anthracite (shade 195)

3 x 50g balls of Mint (shade 127)

3 x 50g balls of Raspberry (shade 139)

3 x 50g balls of Sky Blue (shade 151)

B 1 x 50g ball in Salmon (shade 141)

1 x 50g ball in White (shade 191)

1 x 50g ball in Ocean Blue (shade 153)

1 x 50g ball in Ivory (shade 192)


1 pair 6mm (UK 4, US 10) needles


Stitch markers

Tapestry needle


DMC Myboshi

Chunky weight

70% acrylic, 30% wool

50g/55m (60yds)

Machine wash cold


12 sts and 26 rows over garter stitch using 6mm needles to make a 10cm or 4in square

Blanket squares (make 3 pieces in each colourway as pertable).

Using yarn A, 6mm needles and the thumb method, cast on 3 sts and knit one row.

Note: the kfb increases below appear to be off centre by one stitch, but the instruction is correct - doing it this way will place the increased stitches either side of a central spine.

You may find it helpful to attach a removable stitch marker or piece of yarn to the right sides of the work to remind you which side to increase on as the right sides and wrong sides will only look slightly different from each other and it can be easy to lose track.

Row 1 (RS): Kfb, kfb, k1. 5 sts

Row 2 (and all WS rows): Knit.

Row 3: K1, kfb, kfb, k2. 7 sts

Row 5: K2, kfb, kfb, k3. 9 sts

Row 7: K3, kfb, kfb, k4.11 sts

Continue as set, increasing 2 sts at the central corner every RS row to 57 sts and ending with a WS row.

Change to yarn B.

Continue increasing every RS row as before to 65 sts, ending with a WS row.

Cast off purlwise on the RS, using the simple cast off. Weave in ends.


Stitch pieces together following the layout shown in the images above, or arrange to your own layout.