Knitting for home Hexagon Pincushion

Hexagon Pincushion

Hexagon Pincushion

Parterre Garden

This lovely hexagon pincushion is reminiscent of little flower beds set out between box hedges. Each motif is crocheted together to make a raised edge. It's all in the construction.

Tools & Materials

Light worsted cotton yarn:

A: 22in (55cm)

B: 67in (170cm)

C: 87in (220cm)

D, joining yarn: 17.5yds (16m)

Crochet hook: Size E (3.5mm)

Cotton fabric for the insert

Sewing thread

Polyester fiberfill

Each hexagon is made with 3 colors and then joined with green yarn.

Hexagon—make 8

With color A begin with a sliding loop.

Round 1: Ch1, 6sc in ring, pull loop to close before joining with slip st to first sc, fasten off.

Round 2: Join color B, ch3, 2dc cluster in same st, ch3, (3dc cluster, ch3 in next sc) 5 times. Join with slip st to the top of the first cluster, fasten off.

Round 3: Join color C in a 3-ch sp, ch2, hdc, ch2, 2 hdc in the same space, ch1 *(2hdc, ch2, 2hdc) in next ch-3 sp, ch1, rep from * in each ch3-sp finishing with a slip st in the top of the first ch, fasten off.

Assembly and finishing

Place one hexagon in the center of six hexagons and join all six sides to the central hexagon to the facing side of the surrounding hexagons with a single crochet join with 2sc in each corner space.

Using the same sc join each side of the hexagons together to its adjacent. The hexagons will begin to curl inward as the second side is joined.

For a neat join, incorporate the edging color in your 2sc corner joins.

The remaining hexagon is joined in the same way as the first. Insert the cotton casing, stuff with polyester fiberfill and sew the seam, before completing the join.