Knitting for home Cuddly blanket

Cuddly blanket

Cuddly blanket

Size: approx. 145 x 128 cm/57" x 501/2''.

Materials: Austermann “Softy“ (98% virgin wool, 2% polyamide, approx. 53 m/60 yds/50 g): 1200 g of light gray, col 21.8249-07; small amount of contrasting yarn of a similar weight; addi circular knitting needle, size 15 mm (US 19), 120 cm/48" long.

Garter stitch: k RS and WS rows.

Stocking stitch: k RS rows, p WS rows

Chain stitch selvage: k the 1st st of every row and slip the last st of every row, with the yarn in front of the needle.

Garter stitch selvage: k the 1 st and last sts of every row.

Textured pattern: Work in rows, foll the chart. Read RS rows from right to left. In WS rows (not shown), work all sts as given in the legend. Horizontally, begin with the 2 sts before the 1st arrow, rep the 22 sts of the patt rep, between arrows, as given in instructions, and end with the 11 sts after the 2nd arrow. Vertically, work rows 1-10 once, then rep the patt rep between rows 11 - 50 as given in instructions, and end with rows 51 - 74.

Tension gauge: 8.5 sts and 12 rows of stocking stitch = 10x10 cm/4" x 4".

Instructions: With a piece of contrasting yarn, cast on 132 sts. Then use main yarn to work the textured pattern, rep the patt rep 5 times per row. Vertically, rep pattern rep 3 times. After completing the 74th row, cast off all sts loosely. Finally, undo the cast-on sts (= contrasting yarn) st by st and pick up the sts of the 1 st row on the circular needle. Then use main yarn to cast off all sts loosely.

Finishing: Block throw, dampen, and let dry.