Knitting for home Hot water bottle covers

Hot water bottle covers

Hot water bottle covers

Hot water bottle cover must-haves: hot water bottle cosies for every home and every crisis... They look good and feel great, they heal and console.

Size: each approx. 43 cm/17" circumference and 38 cm/15" long.

Materials: Lana Grossa “Alta Moda Cashmere” (80% virgin wool, 20% cashmere, approx. 90 m/ 100 yds/50 g) 150 g of natural white, col 011, or light gray, col 010; Prym double pointed needles (dpn), size 12 mm (US 17); 1 hot water bottle (amazon) for each.

Rib pattern: k 2, p 2 alternately.

Stocking stitch: in rnds, k each rnd.

Tension gauge: 8 sts and 13 rows of stocking stitch, with 3 strands of yarn = 10x10 cm/4" x 4".

Attention: The hot water bottle covers are worked with 3 strands of yarn!

Instructions: With 3 strands of yarn in desired colour, cast on 32 sts. Divide sts on 4 dpn (= 8 sts per needle). Close to a rnd and place marker at beginning of rnd. Work stocking stitch in rnds. When work measures 24 cm/91/2" = 34 rnds from cast-on, begin decs as foll: On the 1 st and 3rd dpn, k the 1 st st, work skp (= slip 1, k 1, psso) over the foil 2 sts, and k all remaining sts on needle. On the 2nd and 4th dpn, k up to 3 sts from end of needle, then k 2 tog, k 1 = 4 sts dec in rnd. Rep these dec in the 2nd foll rnd once more = 24 sts. Then work 1 more rnd of stocking stitch. Change to rib pattern. After 8 cm/ 31/4" = 10 rnds of rib pattern, cast off all sts. Slip hot water bottle into the cover, from below, and sew the lower edge closed.