Knitted Fox Hat

Knitted Fox Hat

Fox Hat

Size: To fit 42 - 46 cm/16 1/2" - 18" head circumference

Materials: Austermann "Merino 50" (100% pure wool, approx. 50 m/50 g): 50 g each in Natural, col 10, Orange, col 08, and Black, col 02; size 8 mm Addi needles; size 8 mm crochet hook.

Rib pattern: K1, p1.

Stockinette: K on RS, p on WS.

Intarsia pattern: Work in Stockinette, back and forth in rows, according to charts A and B. Work RS rows from right to left and work WS rows from left to right. 1 square = 1 st and 1 row. Follow chart key and numbers on charts for colors used. Work each block of color with separate ball or bobbin of yarn. Twist yarns around each other at each color change to prevent holes.

Tension: 12 sts and 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm/4" x 4" in Stockinette.

Instructions: With Natural, cast on 50 sts and work in rib pat for 2.5 cm/1" = 4 rows. Next, work in Intarsia pat according to chart A and inc 1 st on chart row 1 = 51 sts. Tip: Eyes may be worked in Natural and duplicate stitched later with Black. Work through chart row 40, working decs on chart rows 31 - 40 as shown.

Next RS row: K2tog across row to last st, k1 = 11 sts. Cut yarn, draw yarn end through remaining 11 sts and pull tight.

Ears (make 2): With Orange, cast on 14 sts and work in Intarsia pat according to chart B. Divide work as shown on chart row 6. Working each side separately, work through chart row 13, then bind off remaining 2 sts for each side.

Finishing: Pin pieces to measurements and block with damp towels. Sew seam at center back of hat. Sew seams at each ear, then sew ears to top of hat, using photo as guide.

Nose: With crochet hook and Black make 1 bobble as foll: Ch 3, dc4tog in first ch from hook, ch 1. Cut yarn and fasten off. Sew nose to hat.